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Thank you!

What an amazing season! We send our biggest thanks to everyone that helped make Season 9 a success! We have the BEST fans, skaters, and volunteers around! Without all of you, this crazy sport couldn't happen.

Season 9 is a wrap, but that doesn't mean the skating ends here! Our ladies will be staying busy during the off-season with away bouts and events. Send us your positive vibes!

May 16: Femme Fianna at BruiseFest (https://www.facebook.com/mcrbruisefest)
June 13/14: Trampires at Summer Slam (https://www.facebook.com/events/684380018338740/)

Away Bouts

Feb 21 Trampires vs. Shanghaied Roller Dolls - WIN 150-130
Feb 22 Femme Fianna vs. Oly Rollers - LOSS 562-76
Feb 28
Dockyard Derby Dames vs. Rat City Rollergirls Rat Lab - WIN 315-93
Apr 25 Wave of Mutilation vs. Port Scandalous - WIN 188-167

How would you like to become a dame or a referee?

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Or sponsoring our events?

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Dockyard Derby Dames Tacoma Roller Derby Teams


Hellbound Homewreckers
2005 – 2014
It’s with a heavy heart that we announce that the Hellbound Homewreckers have been disbanded as of July 2014. We want to thank EVERYONE who has supported us over the past several years. From major roster changes to new logos, you guys have stuck with us and we couldn't have asked for better fans! If you have any questions about the decision, please contact Dockyard Derby Dames.

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